The 2010 ELEVATE Pitch Competition has concluded. Stay tuned for a full recap …

The 2010 Winners and Finalists at Harvard’s  CGIS Tsai Auditorium  (photo by Samuel H. Lipoff)


This year’s winners are:

1.  The Perkins Coie Award for Innovation:

  • Diagnostics One –  Samuel Sia, GSAS ’02

Diagnostics One is non-profit organization that will provide life-saving, low-cost device that can diagnose blood-based diseases in remote parts of the world where the sickest patients reside. Our patented technology, based on Claros technologies developed  in the Harvard University laboratory of Professor George Whitesides, has been tested in sub-Saharan Africa on hundreds of patient samples. It requires only a finger-prick of blood and gives the result in 15 minutes or less.

2.  The Dr. James S.C. and Mrs. Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Award for Change:

  • Fenugreen – Kavita Shukla ’06 and Swaroop Samant

Fenugreen is a patented, inexpensive, natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable food packaging material that could revolutionize the food value chain, significantly reducing inventory, transportation, and labor costs in a sustainable way. Fenugreen extends perishable food shelf-life by 2-4x – addressing the 25% of food that is lost to spoilage annually (at a cost of $450 billion).

3. The AOL Award for Creativity

  • The Secret Court of 1920 – Jennifer 8. Lee ’98-99, Mynette Louie ’97 and  Amit Paley ’04.

This film details a Harvard Crimson reporter’s discovery that Harvard purged an underground ring of gay students through a secret tribunal in 1920.  The plot: The suicide of a Harvard student in 1920 led to a covert university investigation ending in the expulsion of an underground group of gay students, including the son of a prominent former Boston Congressman. The episode resulted in two more suicides. The existence of this secret court was publicly unknown until 2002, when Amit Paley, then a Crimson reporter, found mention of it in the Harvard archives and forced the administration to reveal the details.

4.  The DFS Audience Award

  • Diagnostics One –  Samuel Sia, GSAS ’02   (see description above)