We’re looking for the next great Harvard Asian business entrepreneurs, social enterprise visionaries and creative geniuses.

Submit your ELEVATE contest entry HERE via our AngelSoft online entry form. 

(IGNORE Angelsoft’s posted sample application — we only need brief questionnaire answers from you.  The short, optional 2-minute video pitch is highly encouraged, as that could be the differentiator that gets you into the semi-finals round)

You may return often to continue editing your entry content up till the Wednesday, September 22, 11:59 PM EDT deadline.

Need help in making your pitch and answers to our online form persuasive? Visit our Resources page.


  • Before entering, please carefully read the ELEVATE contest rules first.  All participants are responsible for knowing these rules and any updates posted there.
  • Your entry team’s  primary contact  registering at  our Angelsoft online entry form MUST be  an Asian/Asian American student, alumnus, faculty member or full-time employee of any of Harvard’s 12 graduate and undergraduate schools. This primary contact is a principal team member, your main contact for all rounds of the Competition, AND must participate in any live Semi-Final and Final presentations made before a judging panel.  Our entry form requires registering with a Harvard email address*.  We do verify Harvard affiliations.
  • If you are the main contact person for your second ELEVATE entry, you will need to set up a separate, additional AngelSoft registration with a different email address other than your Harvard email address. 
  • If you are having trouble uploading your 2-minute max video (which is now OPTIONAL, but strongly encouraged, as it could differentiate your entry), please upload it to YouTube and include the link in your entry, as well as notifying us directly about that at summit-pitch@haaaa.net.


While Angelsoft is optimized for startups, our contest is unique in that we also welcome nascent ventures and ideas that fall into the creative arts & entertainment and the non-profit/social-change arenas.  Please carefully review the special instructions on ourAngelsoft submission page regarding certain fields that may not apply to you.




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